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project name:
Modernisation of Starzyński Roundabout
Capital city of Warsaw
European Regional Development Fund
operational programme:
Integrated Regional Operational Programme
project value:
90 663 823.95 zł
EU grant value:
62 138 093.18 zł
punktor project implemented
during 2004-2006
Project description

Warsaw plans to construct 3 bypasses: central, internal and external bypass. Starzyńskiego Roundabout constitutes a significant element of the central bypass on the eastern bank of the Vistula River. The project expects modernisation of the existing communication interchange operating until now as a one-level roundabout at the junction of Starzyńskiego Street with Jagiellońska Street in the Praga Północ district and changing it into a two-level interchange enabling grade separation of traffic along Starzyńskiego Street and horizontal distribution of other traffic relations.

The reconstruction of the interchange covers a 900 meter long section of the Starzyńskiego Street constituting an urban road running in a flat area together with a major repair of the existing surface adjusted to the KR6 loading class.

The reconstruction of the junction to make it a two-level junction will cover the following scope:

  1. The length of the Starzyńskiego Street (main road running perpendicular to the Vistula River and connecting to the Gdańsk Bridge) will be reconstructed to the form of a two-way flyover.
  2. Under the flyover there will be the hitherto roundabout in a modernised form that will be designated for the traffic of vehicles along the Jagiellońska Street (main road running in parallel to the Vistula River and perpendicular to the Starzyńskiego Street) and for left turn manoeuvres between the Starzyńskiego Street and Jagiellońska Street.


Within the framework of the investment the entirety of road works was implemented along with the over and underground infrastructure. The following elements were performed:

  • modernisation of a 0,9 km long road section together with a two-level interchange
  • pavements and bicycle routes outside the south-east area and the surface made of paving stones in the northern part of the roundabout,
  • environmental protection works: roadside greenery, acoustic screens,
  • drainage of the road and flyovers, and lighting,
  • reconstruction of the tramway system, telecommunication networks TKM and TKD, light pipes and gas grids,
  • entire scope of the road and track works,
  • reconstruction of the main water supply pipeline and installation of new bus shelters.

A planned special birds' protection area under the name Central Vistula River Valley under the NATURA 2000 network is situated within the distance of about 0.5 km to the east of the implemented investment.The operation conditions of the newly constructed flyover and reconstructed roundabout do not have a negative impact on the environment of ground waters. The projected construction of the two-level interchange was carried out along residential districts situated to the south of the investment. On these areas acoustic screens were constructed and in the buildings closest to the planned route individual acoustic protection measures were applied in the form of windows of increased (to a minimum of 25 dB) acoustic isolation. Due to the improved traffic conditions in the areas of the investment the reconstruction should be recognised as an investment improving the overall condition of the atmospheric air.

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